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1. Signing on Tips
Check the government websites for information about signing on. This guide is to help you make only one trip to the Inem office and get signed on in one go! The rules state you have to be registered ...
2. Red Palm Weevil
(In The Garden)
... Salinas (large number of dead palm trees and huge amount of infested palm trees) San Miguel de Salinas, Orihuela Bigastro, Orihuela If you know any more information then please email me or register ...
3. Public Entries
... nature (such as "can I claim unemployment benefit in Spain") then utilise the other sections as appropriate. You will have to register first and your listing will have to be approved prior ...
4. Business Entries Information
... will have to register first and your listing will have to be approved prior to being seen so we can ensure the listings are kept in order and correct.  Instructions Register using the link ...
5. Living on the Costas
... information to help you find the answers easily and quickly. We invite people to register for FREE and to add information on the directory to help others find that elusive item or just recommend the ...

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