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Heating your home
Heating your home in Spain can be a very expensive necessity.

Electricity has been going up at speed for the past few years and is set to rise further especially when the new IVA (VAT) rates come into force this year.

I would recommend anyone to consider the Day/Night tariff (Energía Día y Noche (Discriminación Horaria)) which Iberdrola offer which can drastically reduce anyones electricity bills if used wisely.

The Process.

Contact Iberdrola and ask them to consider your bills for reductions. (They will help you if they can)

I suggest going to the Iberdrola office in your area. Mine for Orihuela Costa is in Pila on the main High Street within the electrical supplies shop,

In there I asked about the Night/Day tariff which basically offers a cheap rate for the night (off peak times) and a slightly higher rate for the day. They changed the contract there and then and sure enough we had a new meter delivered and fitted free of charge within a few days. (This is all available for viewing on the Iberdrola website (in English) and further links given below will help.

We now iron, heat our water, use the washing machine etc etc during the off peak times which run from 10pm until 11pm currently for us. Our consumption for the day is now about 30% of our total consumption leaving us with a huge saving.

Day rate is 15.8cents/Kwh

Night Rate is 7.59cents/Kwh

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