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In The Garden

In The Garden

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE RED PALM WEEVIL IN SPAIN Have you noticed the branches of your palm tree dropping on the floor! Is the centre heart of your palm tree missing? Have you seen a large grub crawling in the trunk of your palm tree or in the branches of…
Compensation for Destroyed Palm Trees If you have your tree removed and destroyed officially (at the moment i think this is with TRAGSA then you are entitled to compensation according to the law, Order of 24/02/04 DOGV 4707 TRAGSA will provide you with a certificate to confirm the removal of your…
Just to update you regarding my personal experience with these pests... After spraying both trees, which are so close the branches touch, and I can report that one of my trees is still unharmed and the other is no worse than when I sprayed and in fact has signs that…

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