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Signing on Tips

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Check the government websites for information about signing on.

This guide is to help you make only one trip to the Inem office and get signed on in one go!

The rules state you have to be registered on the SERVEF system before you can claim. SERVEF is like the Job Centre. You will have to attend an interview with them so they can assess you and create an on-line CV for prospective jobs they might offer you at some later date. They also have training and other useful information.

So the tip here is as follows:

Once you have your ticket for the Inem office on the right go to the office directly next door to the left SERVEF and using the kiosk computer terminal get yourself another ticket for an appointment upstairs. Dont worry about timing; unless your initial "pre" queue number was less than say 15 you have plenty of time.

You will have to go upstairs and wait to be called for your first appointment. Then you will be issued with another number for a second interview in the same area. This process is usually quick as most people have already done this part and are there to sign on at the Inem offices.

You can if you wish do this the day before. Turn up at about 11:30 or 12 and you wont have to wait long.

They will supply you with a "Certificate" which will be entered on their computer system ready for your appointment to sign on. As soon as you have this go downstairs and check the screens for your appointment. 

Please note that this is not a guide as to what papers you will need to complete! These forms are all available on-line and you will need to check exactly what you will need in addition to the application forms.

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