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A Tip on Queues When Signing On Featured

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UPDATE 10 November 2010

There is a new system at the Orihuela INEM office now. You do not have to get there early. I suggest you get there at about 8:30. You will need to queue a little but there is not any pre ticket system as there was before. You will find the queue quite small in comparison to what it used to be. When the doors open you will see a mad rush to the doors which is normal so dont be worried. This will be for those that already have their ticket.

When you get inside the doors on the right side there is a security guard who will ask what you want. He will issue you with an official ticket and tell you what day it refers to. Normally this is 1 or 2 days later.

Return home and wait until the day the ticket shows. Return back to the INEM office on the appointed day but this time you do not have to get there too early. Take a look at your ticket number. If you have a low number then plan to get there at about 9am. Each day starts at number 1 at about 09:10 being the first to be seen. Watch the numbers on the screen!

If your number is high then bare in mind the system starts at number 1 and take approximately 2 minutes each so if you have number 100 you will most likely be seen at 12 o'clock!


Old System

If you want to save yourself a lot of heart ache follow this advice.

The Inem office in Orihuela opens its doors at about 9am but if you turn up at that time you will be confronted with hundreds, yes hundreds, of people who have already beaten you to it. The process for being attended in this office can be very easy if you follow these simple steps. 

If you get to the Inem office at about 6:30 or 7:00 in the morning you will find a dubious character loitering about with a clip board or similar. You may even observe him handing out small tickets with numbers on. These are the "pre" queue numbers which he hands out to ensure fair play.

So why give these out? Why not just stand in a queue for hours? Well this answers your question. Get there early, or even from about 10pm the following day and seek this guy out who will be outside the doors of the Inem office. Approach him and ask him for a number to sign on. If the number his higher than about 70 you wont be seen that day so look humble and ask if there might be a chance of getting a lower number. Be prepared to reward this favour with some cash (€10/€20 should do it)

Once you have your number go home, go to a cafe or back to your car and back to sleep until about 8:00 to 8:30 then return. The very same guy will be placing people in order along the street in a very orderly fashion. No waiting in line for hours on end!

OK so now you are in line and hopefully quite close to the beginning. The doors will open and you should see people enter the right side of the 2 doors. When its your turn you will go inside and get another ticket from a security guard (more official) This number will be the one you will need to actually see someone.

That's it then you can wait for your number to be displayed on the screens. When your number comes up there will be a desk number associated with it. Go to the right to the assigned desk and the rest is up to you.

Ensure you have followed the "Signing On" guide.

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