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If your interested in looking up your property to see the official Catastral Certificate and other really useful information about the boundaries of your urbanisation or finca then this website is for you.

The site works on Google Maps but with an overlay of information held at the town halls for the whole of Spain.

Zoom into your property and click on the reference number to be directed to the official catastro certificate listings, click on the appropriate listing and your certificate can be displayed.

This is really good to see how the town halls are separating plots and boundaries as well as seeing the classification of land. If your thinking of buying a plot or property and want to know what might be built next door this will give you at least basic information about its classification . Rural, Residencial, Commercial etc.

The website is

Clcik on the options on the top right of the page to turn on/off options such as the Catastro overlay.

PLEASE BE PATIENT the site can be slow if you are zooming in and out with the overlays switched on. Its best to go to the location your interested in and zoom in to the desired depth then turn the overlays on.

ALSO when clicking on the reference for the plot/property i suggest "Right Click" and open in another window so you don't loose your place on the map.

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