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Are you about to visit Torrevieja hospital for treatment or check up? then you need to know what to do as the system there is pretty modern and lacking anyone on reception. (What reception?)

If you have been referred to the hospital from your doctor you will probably have been given a printout of your appointment. This printout has a bar code on it that is used to confirm your appointment.

Where to Go

When you enter the hospital (Out Patients) you will find no reception or signs of people to attend you. You need to proceed to forward through the doors, forward and slightly to the right side (to the right of the central staircase) you will see 3 computer terminal kiosks; almost like those you will find when paying for parking. These are used to confirm/make appointments but this article assumes you have your SIP card and appointment confirmation printout or at least one or the other.

Confirming Your Arrival

What you need to do is select the appropriate section on the screen. From memory this is either confirm you are here for your appointment or create one. Once you press this you can enter your SIP card number or it will give you the option to scan your printout. There are instructions on screen and its fairly easy to use. Scanning my bar code was not very successful so I entered my SIP card number and it found my appointment details from that. After completing this the machine prints a small slip containing an appointment code and possible consulting room numbers.

Watch the Screens

There are 2 sides, left and right of the stairs. Consulting rooms are along the left and right wall with monitors above and chairs either side so you can sit while waiting. Ensure you watch the monitors and then when your code comes up go to the consulting room indicated.

Xrays are in a Different Area

XRAYS....If you are there to get an xray you need to do the same confirmation on the same machines and get your slip of paper with your code on BUT then proceed to the right passageway following the signs to Xray which is basically the 1st passage on the right...follow this and on the right you will see the xray department reception and the next passage on your right is where you wait for your number to come up on the monitors. In the same way wait to be called/your code to come up then go to the appropriate room.

Appointments tend to be reasonably accurate and you dont normally have to wait too long if you are having an Xray. I cannot comment on the other appointments...YET but will later in March!


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If you cannot speak Spanish it is really advisable to take someone with you who can. Most of the doctors do speak English and will assist you but where they have to advise or describe something to you which is important you should remember that your doctor's natural language is likely to be Spanish. If they feel uncomfortable explaining in English this is because they do not want to get it wrong as this could result in incorrect diagnosis and further complications.

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Booking an appointment with the doctors is very simple here on the Orihuela Costa thanks to a simple automated telephone system.

Don't trip down to the health centre and stand in a queue just call the number given below and follow the simple instructions.

The system is automated and is available in several languages. Enter the numbers on the telephone keypad corresponding to the language required and then enter your SIP card number in a similar fashion. The next available appointment will then be read out to you and you have the option to confirm this or choose a different date/time. Once you have confirmed your appointment you can hang up and that's it. Turn up at the health centre, go to the consulting room you normally visit or if its your first visit just look up your name on the lists on the consulting room doors at the appropriate time and you will see your name listed.

Appointments are normally on time but expect some short delays when they are busy.

The telephone number for appointments at the Cabo Roig/Campoamor Health Centre is: 965 721 400


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