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The whole world is suffering unemployment but especially Spain. The process in Spain for claiming unemployment and trying to find a job is very difficult in Spain but not impossible if you work at it. The following might help you with some idea of what you can and cannot do.

Queues! This is the first thing you will need to accept. BUT there is a way to beat the queues at the Inem office; at least the one in Orihuela. If you turn up at 8:30 or even 7am and expect to get in line and be near the front;…
Rules There are many rules associated with who can and who cannot claim unemployment benefit in Spain. The government websites are really great sources of information and often the information is in English. The sites you will need to look at are as follows:
UPDATE 10 November 2010 There is a new system at the Orihuela INEM office now. You do not have to get there early. I suggest you get there at about 8:30. You will need to queue a little but there is not any pre ticket system as there was before.…
Check the government websites for information about signing on. This guide is to help you make only one trip to the Inem office and get signed on in one go! The rules state you have to be registered on the SERVEF system before you can claim. SERVEF is like the…
Depending on your circumstances you may be entitled to further help. If you have come to the end of your payments you MUST apply within 15 working days of your entitlement termination. THATS NOT THE LAST PAYMENT!!! Check out the website below to see what you might be entitled to.…

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